Christmas Address Label at Zazzle

I wanted something to match my new Christmas wrap, so I decided to apply the design to the return address labels as well. Here’s the result from that. Christmas Kaleidoscope Return Address Label by crystalwriter Design unique custom address labels at Zazzle.

My Favorite New Christmas Wrap at Zazzle

I love the pretty poinsettia-like design that came out on this one. It’s lined with a pine design from real pine fronds in the original image I used to create the tessellation. I hope the depth of red color comes out as pretty as it looks in the image. This is the one I want…

Pretty Christmas Paper for Gift Wrapping

Another new Christmas wrap design for today’s sale at Zazzle. I hope you enjoy these designs and share them with your friends. Christmas Kaleidoscope Wrapping Paper by crystalwriter Browse another gift wrap paper at

New Wrapping Paper Design at Zazzle

Today only, Zazzle has wrapping paper 75% off. I uploaded one of my Christmas kaleidoscope tessellations, and I really like the way it came out. Let me know what you think.   Christmassy Colored Golden Bursts Wrapping Paper by crystalwriter See wrapping paper online at Zazzle

New Mug – Fractal Burst – at Zazzle

My newest design at Zazzle, and my first attempt at showing it here on my design blog. I tried using the coding from Zazzle for sharing with HTML, but it wouldn’t work here, so I did a screen print and embedded it with a link to my store. If you want to see the whole…

A View Through My Creative Eyes

I wanted a blog to share some of the images I post on my Flickr site. Images I like, or which have special meaning to me, don’t always deserve to get lost among the man others. Ill also use this site to post when I have added more items with my images to my Zazzle…